Common Mistakes in the Casino

You can have a lot of fun playing in a casino without really worrying too much about what you're doing. Most of the games are fairly straightforward, so they're easy to learn, and you don't have to think about strategy or the optimal way to play if you don't want to. Providing you're gambling with money you can afford to lose, you can just focus on enjoying yourself and hoping to get lucky.

With that being said, there are a few mistakes that you should try to avoid if you can. On this page, we've listed the most common casino mistakes made by beginners. Where relevant, we've also provided some advice on how to avoid making them.

If you follow this advice, and avoid all of these mistakes, you may improve your chances of winning a little. That's no bad thing, even if you're just playing for fun. You'll also have a better overall experience, and should be able to enjoy playing without getting into any difficulty.

Chasing Losses

Chasing losses is easily one of the most common mistakes made by casino players. It's also one of the most dangerous. And it's not just limited to beginners either, as even experienced players are tempted to chase their losses on occasion. It's very likely that you'll also be tempted at some point, but this is a temptation that you simply have to resist.

There are quite simply no circumstances in which chasing losses is an advisable approach. It doesn't matter how bad your luck has been, or how long your losing streak has been, there is no such thing as being "due to win". This is the excuse players often use to justify increasing their stakes in the hope that their luck will turn around and they'll recover some of the money lost, but it's a bad one. Most bad runs do come to an end eventually, but there is never any way of knowing when that will happen.

How to Avoid This Mistake

This is really a simple matter of discipline, and just making sure that you DON'T increase your stakes when things are going badly. In fact, it's a better option to decrease your stakes. This way you can hopefully ride out a run of poor luck without losing too much money. You're then less likely to get frustrated and feel the need to chase your losses.

Alternatively, you can just stop. There's nothing wrong with saving some money for another time.

Blaming The Dealers

You will lose money in the casino sometimes. Probably more often that you win in all likelihood. The odds are against you, so you should never expect to win. And you most certainly should not take it out on the dealers when you don't.

Casino dealers are just doing their job, and they shouldn't have to put up with abuse from players who can't handle losing. Sadly, many players are quick to blame the dealers when things aren't going their way. This is not only unfair on the dealers but it can also make for an unpleasant atmosphere for other players at the table.

So please be sure to avoid this mistake, regardless of how much you lose. It's not only courteous to remain polite, it's usually a requirement in most casinos. You might find yourself getting ejected from a venue if you're unnecessarily rude.

How to Avoid this Mistake

Firstly, always remember that dealers can't control the outcome of games in the casino. Many of them actually prefer it when players win, as they know they're likely to get better tips. Even if they don't care one way or another, it's still not their fault when you lose.

Secondly, just remember your manners. Speak to the dealers how you would like to be spoken to if you were doing their job. If you feel like you're losing your temper, take a break or try a different table.

Believing in Systems

There is no magical system that can guarantee winning money in a casino. There are certain things that can be done to influence your chances of winning, such as using the correct strategies, but there is NOTHING that will ensure consistent profits. The house edge is an advantage that simply cannot be overcome.

Many players refuse to accept this though, and waste their time trying to develop systems that will enable them to beat the casino. There's nothing wrong with looking for ways to improve your chances of winning of course, but please don't believe that a system can eliminate the risk from playing casino games. Because there will always be a risk of losing.

How to Avoid this Mistake

You can start by reading our article on the perils of betting systems. This explains why they are a bad idea. Also, please make sure that you never pay for a betting system. Search the internet and you'll find plenty of websites offering systems for sale, but rest assured that all these systems are nothing short of scams. Don't fall for their claims, and don't waste your money.

Getting Greedy

This is almost as big of a mistake as chasing losses. It's definitely one to avoid too, as getting greedy in the casino rarely works out well. It typically leads to players who have been lucky enough to win giving all their winnings back. Often, they give back a lot more too.

It's understandable that players on a winning streak feel like nothing can go wrong, and we fully understand how tempting it can be to keep betting bigger and bigger amounts in order to maximize a run of good luck. The problem, though, is that all winning streaks come to an end. Players often have a hard time realizing that when caught up in the moment, and keep betting higher stakes than normal as a result. Before they know it, all the money they won has gone straight back to the house.

How to Avoid This Mistake

There's nothing wrong with increasing your stakes a little when running good in a casino. Just don't go crazy, because the run won't last forever. As soon as you stop winning, drop your stakes back down again.

It's also a good idea to "bank" some winnings when things are going well. Put some chips in your pocket (or make a withdrawal if playing online), and promise not to touch them whatever happens. This way you'll at least have something to show for your good luck, even if you end up losing some of your winnings back.

Drinking Too Much

The last thing you want to do when gambling for real money is exercise poor judgement. This is exactly what you will do if you have too much to drink. Alcohol is readily available in most casinos, and some will actively encourage players to indulge, and there's nothing wrong with enjoying a few drinks. Having too many is unlikely to end well though.

People rarely make good decisions when they are drunk, and making good decisions is very important in the casino. There's money at stake, and you really don't want to do anything that increases the chances of losing it. You most definitely don't want to risk spending more than you should, and that can be very easy to do after too many drinks. People don't tend to think too much about potential consequences after drinking heavily.

How to Avoid This Mistake

This again comes down to discipline really. Set yourself some limits for how much you're going to drink, and stick to them. Try having non-alcoholic drinks every so often too. And if you feel yourself getting drunk, then stop drinking. Or stop playing and keep drinking, whichever you prefer. Don't keep drinking and playing though. This advice applies when playing online at home as well.

Missing Out On Extra Value

Most casinos, live and online, will reward players in some way for their gaming activity. There is a lot of extra value to be had because of this, and it's a mistake to miss out on it.

In a live casino you will typically be invited to apply for a player card, or comp card, which is a very simple process that doesn't take long at all. At some venues you'll automatically be given one when you first visit. Once you have this card, it will be used to record your activity when you sit down at the tables or gaming machines. You'll earn points based on this activity, and those points can then be exchanged for various comps. These include drinks, food, accommodation, shows, and even free chips.

With online casinos, you also earn comp points based on gaming activity. These are usually exchangeable for cash added straight into your account. There are also lots of bonuses you can claim. For example, most online casinos offer all new customers some extra chips based on the size of their first deposit.

How to Avoid This Mistake

For online play, you should read our article which explains all about the different types of casino bonuses and how they work. For live play, firstly make sure that you get a player card or comp card for every venue you visit. Then remember to present it every time you play.

Using the Wrong Online Casinos

There are a lot of online casinos on the internet. This means plenty of choice for online players, which is a good thing of course. Not all of these online casinos are of the same standard though, which is not such a good thing. Some are excellent, some are awful, and the majority are somewhere in between. For the best possible experience, you obviously want to sign up with the excellent ones.

This means making some effort when it comes to choosing where to play, and a common mistake made by online players is not making this effort. Many of them just sign up at any random casino, without comparing the options available to them. This is not a good approach.

How to Avoid This Mistake

Avoiding this mistake is easy if you simply put some thought into which online casinos you use, and are careful to stick to reputable and trustworthy operations. Our advice on choosing where to play will help you with this, or you can simply pick a casino from our recommended list.


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