Best Live Dealer Hold'em Casinos

Texas Hold ‘Em is the world’s favourite online gambling option when it comes to poker. Since the dawn of online gambling Texas Hold ‘Em has proved to be the poker variation best suited to the medium, since it involves constant betting action and nail biting suspense at the turn or every card. Live Dealer Texas Hold ‘Em pits the player against the casino, and this form of online gambling is growing as seasoned poker players look to use their skills against the house in the hopes of making a sizable profit.

Live Dealer Casino Hold ‘Em for Online Gambling

Many people feel that the virtual animated versions of Casino Hold ‘Em just don’t get their juices flowing, but the same cannot be said for the Live Dealer version of Casino Hold ‘Em where you get to pit your wits against a real life dealer. Improvements in technology have made live dealer Texas Hold ‘Em a reality for both desktop and mobile users, and our top picks have some of the best casino Hold ‘Em action in the business.

Play Live Dealer Hold ‘Em on Mobile

Most of us choose to access the internet via our tablets and smart phones these days, which is why most online casinos now offer mobile friendly platforms. Live Dealer Casino Hold ‘Em can be enjoyed on a variety of different devices, so that you don’t have to miss a turn of the card whether you are at home or on the road. Mobile friendly versions of the site are available for both Android and Apple phones and tablets, with the only difference to the desktop version being the size of the screen and the controls. Nothing is lost in terms of gameplay so you can still play your favourite games on the smaller screen devices.

Texas Hold'em Live Online Casinos

Live Dealer Casino Hold ‘Em started off as a way for casinos to get a piece of the Texas Hold ‘Em action, but has now developed a massive following all of its own. Players from all over the world enjoy the opportunity to pit their wits against the house in this fast paced poker game where a little bit of knowledge goes a long way. It has now become one of the most popular forms of online gambling available as more and more betting sites are introducing this game to their portfolio of offerings. Learn when to hold and when to throw your cards away and you will give yourself the best opportunity of walking away from the live dealer Casino Hold ‘Em tables a winner.

Differences With Live Dealer Texas Hold'em

Texas Hold'em games that use real dealers do have some differences than other normal live Texas Hold'em games. The first is the fact that you are playing with a live dealer online. Texas Hold'em is universally regarded as being best played this way. However, when playing at a live dealer casino, Texas Hold'em poker does typically have higher minimum limits. If a player is used to a specific micro or even small stakes game, they should adjust their expectations for live casino Texas Hold'em. Due to the fact that the online casino has to consider the costs of streaming media, plus don’t want to be overrun by non-serious poker players, it’s understandable the limits would be a little higher than normal.

It is important to note to players that there are two types of games played with a live dealer. Online Texas Hold'em can be played in the traditional sense with nine players all against each other. The alternative is sometimes referred to as Ultimate Texas Hold'em which is played against a dealer. Fortunately for fans of either game, live casino Texas Hold'em exists in both forms.

Live Dealer Hold'em FAQ

How does live dealer Hold'em work?

Basically, the dealer sits behind a real poker table, and opposite of him or her is a video camera that feeds a live stream to you and the other players at the table. Live dealer Hold’em is the perfect infusion of online gambling and real life gambling. You go online and then watch a real human dealer deal your cards to you.

Where can I find it?

The first thing you want to do is to find out if your preferred online casino has a special section dedicated to live dealer games. If they do, go and see if there is a live dealer Hold’em table you can join. If an online casino offers live dealer games, it is likely that Hold’em is one of them, as it is one of the most popular table games out there.

How does it compare to standard Hold'em?

Live dealer Hold’em is less personal than standard Hold’em. While you can still talk to the dealer, you still can’t hold the chips, feel the cards in your hand, or get drinks from a cocktail waitress. That being said, live dealer Hold’em is found to be more entertaining and personal than a regular online Hold’em table with a computer-generated dealer.

Do I require a good internet connection to play?

Live dealer games are different to standard games in very few ways, but one of these is that there is a live feed streamed from a physical casino or studio, that the player sees on their screen.Because of this, a decent internet connection is more important on these games. Fibre optic broadband should do the trick. That way you will avoid annoying lag or buffering, and get the most out of these great online casino games.

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