Play Top Cat

Top Cat by Blueprint Gaming is inspired by the famous 1960s Hanna-Barbera cartoon. So get ready to dive into the universe of this unique gang of stray cats and relive their adventure in a slot game format.

Like most franchise-based slot games, Top Cat aims at reproducing the settings of the original product faithfully. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the game is set in an alley between tall skyscrapers in a big, anonymous, modern metropolis. Add a few trash cans, a wooden fence and a lamppost, and you have the exact set of both Top Cat the game and the animated series. Fans of the original cartoon will be delighted to find their favourite show adapted into a slot game featuring plenty of minute details. If you have never watched the cartoon, Top Cat still looks pretty good and attractive

Special Features

Top Cat stands out from other video slot games by providing a very large array of Bonus games and other extra special features. We begin with a classic: a Wild symbol in the shape of a Fish plate, which can replace any basic symbol and give you an extra chance to win big.

Each spin carries a chance to trigger one of the four Bonus mini games, each associated with one of our Cat heroes. Each game awards either Wilds or extra wins, and it is also a chance to watch a fun and colourful animation. There is also a dedicated Bonus symbol in Top Cat, three of which need to be aligned on a payline to initiate the Master Plan. One of the six options available will be chosen for you. Most mini games award either Free Spins or big cash rewards, and the rules often involve helping the Cats escaping Officer Dibble and pocketing a big stash of coins – which will later become yours.

Your Left Feline Fine

Top Cat may start off as a classic slot game, but it will surprise most players with its many Bonus games. Fans of the original animated series are obviously the main target here, but newcomers will surely find Top Cat both fun and rewarding as well. You might even end up playing the mini games more than the actual slot, but in the end only the cash rewards at stake matter – regardless of how you get them.

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